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Links to info about food waste

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Key Facts on Food Waste from FAO

Global data about food waste

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UN Global Goals for reduction of food waste

UN have 17 Sustainable Development Global  that also includes food waste. This is in goal number  12.3, - Sustainable consumption and production.

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Swedish National Action Plan to reduce food waste 2018

The Swedish government has an action plan! Let's make it happen!

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Short version of the Swedish Action Plan - "More makes more"

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Swedish National Food Strategy

Sweden will increase self-sufficiency of food production ... Easy! Just use the multi-legged carrots, the vegetables with the "wrong" size and all the rest of the produce that today are being rejected.

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The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
report on Food Waste in Sweden 2016 

One for report for those who want to know more! But the truth is that there is a lot of data missing ...

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Clarification of Best Before Date

The Swedish Food and Drug Administration has published a text on how any supplementary text regarding Best Before Dates can be designed. A producer can clarify that a food can be consumed after the Best Before Day by explaining it in a complementary text

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IVA, The Royal Engineering Academy

Read more about IVA's circular economy project, where food waste is part of it. Of course, Foodloopz is participating in the work shops

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Food as fodder and animal feed

Some companies see food being used as animal feed as a solution. Depending on the type of food, and whether it is for pets, zoo animals or food-producing animals, different rules apply. Read more about what applies to using food as feed at the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

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Info about surplus food from grocery stores for feed to farm animals from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (not meat products).

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Read more about EU directives and what applies to actors who want to donate food as feed (not meat products)

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Swedish Environmental Protection Agency report on unfair business practices

A report by Louise Ungert in 2018, about potential drivers for food waste in primary production.

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Essay on VAT and donations of food

Nadja Maria Airaksinen from Lund University writes about Food donations and "How legislation contributes to food welfare"

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"The benefits of reducing food efficiency"

Report from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency 2012. An old report, but some interesting facts are included.

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Standard to measure food waste in the supply chain. The "FLW Standard"

There is a standard tool that has been developed to help companies, countries and organisations to quantify and report food waste through out the food supply system. - The Food Loss and Waste Protocol. 

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Other actors working for reduced food waste

Fortunately, we are not alone in the industry to work for reduced food waste, and there are several ways to do it. We can help to advise you which of the below companies that might have the best solution for you!

Some amazing examples are:

Resqclub (B2C), Whywaste (B2B), Matsmart (B2C), Food2change(B2C), QualiFare (B2B), Karma (B2C), Matakuten Gävle (B2C), Matmissionen (B2C), Sopköket (B2B, B2C), Retaste (B2C),, Allwin(B2B), Recollab AB (B2B), Restaurang SPILL (B2C), Allemansrätten (B2C), Rescued Fruit (B2B) och till exempel Grace Organic (B2B), mf.

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