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Short about Terms and Conditions

We want to create the conditions for a safe service and good dialogue between member companies as well as a safe, fast and profitable business for you who use our services!
  • In order to become a customer / member company, it is necessary to be a company or organization and that the contact person has access to a valid organization number, which it is fully entitled to use. We do not work B2C with consumers.
  • Foodloopz only mediate between buyers and sellers and is not responsible for the actual deal, the batch of food, holding stock or transportation for offers on our marketplace.
  • As a contact person for your company, you guarantee that your personal information and other information are correct and that you have full rights to advertise the item (s) you post on our marketplace. 
  • As a contact person, you are responsible for your company having full rights to all materials used in connection with advertising or other marketing. This applies, for example, to texts, images and logos.
  • Laws and regulations regarding the handling and sale of food and feed must be followed. Swedish law is to be followed in all that may concern the activity and use of all services at Foodloopz.
  • We apply 30-day payment terms on billing.
  • Foodloopz Marketplace with Ads may only be used to advertise products, primarily food and feed, non-promotional services, trademarks or companies.
  • Only ads in Swedish or English are allowed.
  • As a contact person, you are required to keep up to date with Foodloopz Terms and Conditions that may change over time.
  • Foodloopz reserves the right to turn off the member company that violates Swedish law, does not pay invoices on time or violates Foodloopz Terms and Conditions.
  • We may make a credit check in connection with the application for membership.
  • We can market individual parties that are placed on the marketplace by member companies through our social channels without the explicit consent of the advertiser, but we always do so without mentioning company names and trademarks if we did not get it in writing.
  • It is not included in the service to automatically receive their products advertised on our social channels. Do you want customized marketing materials, ask for quotation.
  • If you find a new customer via us, you want to continue doing business with you, you are bound to continue via us up to 1 year after the first transaction has been completed.
Read Foodloopz Terms and Conditions in full here!