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questions and answers

Does it cost to register with Foodloopz?

No, it is free to become a member company and there is no requirement to use the service. You only use our services when it suits you! But membership means your on The List and ready to loop!

Do you need to have an organization number to become a member?

Yes, in order to register and apply for membership and thereby access all our services, you must have access to, and permission to use, a valid organization number. We only offer our services to companies, organizations and the public sector, not to private individuals.

Can multiple employees within the same company use Foodloopz?

Yes, it is an advantage if all relevant departments and contact persons are registered with us and can help with loops when needed.

If I change the company I work for but want to continue to use Foodloopz, what do I do?

You can not bring your membership as a contact person to another company. You can register as a contact for your new workplace. If this company is not yet a registered member company, you register your new workplace.

Can I include ads and history when I change my organization number?

No, past history can not be transferred to another company. This because the information about loops is linked to the company you were working on. Please pass information about Foodloopz further to the person who replaces you at the workplace so, we have the right information in our system!

What does it cost to post an ad?
It is free to try to get a business deal and post an offer.

We charge percentage of total order value for successful sales and an offer is usually public on our marketplace for 30 days.

For a successful donations we charge percentage of the cost of destroying the batch. (Garbage disposal fee). We refer to Sysav's official price list as a reference unless otherwise agreed.

Can other member companies see my contacts?

No, they can get your contacts via the marketplace. Only Foodloopz has access to this. However, in order to proceed with a possible deal, we need to provide contact details for the parties you want to have further dialogue with. You may choose to be contacted by e-mail and / or telephone number.

Do you hold stock?

No, we do not hold stock for batches of food.

Can Foodloopz transport batches of food for us?

No, we do not have any facilities to pick up and transport food for our customers. But we can assist in finding transport options if this is missing.

Do you buy batches of food?

No, not today, our focus is in match making between actors

Are you ever asking your member companies for bank account information or similar?

No never! We only invoice and handle no information about card or bank. Should you have received an e-mail or similar where you are in doubt about the sender or content, please contact us or make a police report of possible fraud.