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Ongoing food waste projects

Foodloopz is not only a digital

We turn food waste into possibilities

In addition to our digital marketplace where actors can effectively trade excess food, we work to strengthen company brands and change processes as well as develop concepts. Through different projects and collaborations we can influence the food waste issue in several ways. We are happy to both drive and participate in relevant projects.


Did you know that the wine trade is not spared from generating waste? We estimate that at least 5% of the Swedish wine market never reaches someone's glass, - although there is nothing wrong with the wine. This is partly due to the fact that we are a large wine country, the supply is huge and it can be difficult to navigate between all variants. It also depends on trends in wine and that wine over time can change the character in the bottle. It can mature and both lose and amplify tones that make the wine no longer hold what it once promised.

We have therefore, in cooperation with Brasri AB, a wine importer, and Örebro University, developed a brand and a process to loop good wine back into the market.


Matsvinnstorget - a popup store

We will make the world more sustainable together with our customers, both economically and environmentally! We will both pay attention to the companies that actively work for reduced waste and help keep the topic up to date. We therefore make popups during events and on selected occasions with our concept Matsvinnstorget. This is a temporary food shop where we collect food waste from selected companies that we share to visitors. The model is that visitors take what they want and pay what they want.


Do Your company want to make a Matsvinnstorg with us? Do you want to clear the shelves after an event? Let us know and let's set up shop together!

Buffet Rescuer

This is a concept that we have just initiated and will be able to help our customers who have challenges to empty the buffet. These may include breakfast, lunch, coffee or dinner buffets. Because of the fact that food served in buffets can not be sold or donated again after being served due to food laws, many buffet concepts risk generating large amounts of waste. Charity organizations do not, for example, accept served buffet food as a donation- even if you have the best intentions.

We have therefore developed a new-old solution where companies can both empty the plates, earn some more money and contribute to reduced losses, entirely on their terms.

It's too early to say more than this, but we're working hard to complete the concept soon.

Goodloopz - leasing brand

Many companies have extremely high demands on products sold under their brand on the market. Many fight for the position to have "best quality". We want to both solve the problems for our customers and question what is "best quality".

Therefore, we have developed a leasing brand that our customers can use to sell products that nevertheless deserve a second chance in the market. We help customers to customize design and develop packaging designfor their products, and we help to market and sell them.

The Farmers Project

A substantial amount of the waste in the food industry is already generated on fields or in sorting processes before the crop leaves the farm. With food waste we mean edible foods that do not go further in the chain but which are fully edible. In the case of farmed products, it is usually about quality standards that over-emphasize appearance, unwanted sizes of a vegetable, overproduction or wrong shape.

This is something we want to help to reduce! We also want to make farming more sustainable in terms of economical values. In order to level up the growers ability to increase sales, we help them to develop customized packaging, promotional materials and match the perfect buyer for each product!

The campaign #Bestbefore2017

The labeling of due dates of food confuses consumers and there are two labels to keep track of: One is Best Before-Date telling how long the food is expected to maintain the same taste, texture, color and shape as the day it was produced and packaged.


Best Before can be arbitrarily made by the manufacturer and is only a quality guarantee. Foods that have passed best before can be both tasty and safe.


The second label is the Last Consumption Day, which indicates instead how long the food is considered safe to consume. It is therefore a significantly stricter mark, where the law prohibits consumption, sales and donation after the expiry date.


Consumers and Retail, however, often think both markings have the same meaning, leading to a huge unnecessary waste. To spread more knowledge about this we collaborated with a number of actors to develop a probono campaign that anyone could use and spread, - individuals as well as companies.


We wanted to highlight the importance of LOOK, SMELL and TASTE instead of relying on the Best Before-date. Campaign materials and texts were developed together with other companies and we formed a group called WELOVEFFODWASTE.  Materials is now available in three languages; Swedish, English and Norwegian.


If you want to know more or share the campaign in your social medias, let is know!