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How it works to loop

It is easy, cost effective and
sustainable to loop

No company should have to throw away edible foods just because they don't have time, lack the right alternative customers or don't want to risk cannibalizing on their own market! We help our member companies to find cost-effective opportunities on both sides of a business deal!

Become a costumer and start looping

Are Your company not registered in our system yet and you want to start looping? Just send us an e-mail with the following information so we can register you in our system

  • Company name

  • Organisation number

  • Name contact person

  • Telephone contact person

  • E-mail to contact person

It is free to become a member company and there is no obligation to use our services.

This is how it works:

You as Customer sends relevant information about a batch of food to us and we'll put up your offer on our marketplace, - choose if you want to sell or donate as well as shipping terms. - Included, - Added, - According to Agreement.

You as an Interested Party simply send us an e-mail with your interest. If the company that offers the batch wants to do business with you, then you will be contacted further. We will match make.

When we have a suitable actor for the batch, we provide our Customer with the contact information so that the two parties can complete the deal together.

  • Cost nothing to try to sell or donate via us.

  • We charge % of total order value for successful sales.

  • We charge % on the destruction cost (garbage disposal fee) of successful donations.

  • We can provide customized material for posts in social media, by quotation


Do you as a representative of your company lack information about what you are charged for disposal of food? Don't worry! We are following Sysav's official list of reference for Disposal Costs unless otherwise agreed. It costs between about 300 sek per tonne up to thousands of kronor depending on the agreement You have, what type of food it is and the type of packaging.

Would you like a higher level of service?

We can help you at the exact level of service you need in order to get started with looping. Do you want us to take care of the entire deal until delivery of the batch to save you even more time? Then you only need to tell us your needs and we set up a routine and agreement for this so that you can always feel comfortable with our service.

We can also set up a tailor-made network of selected actors for you and manage your administration.

Legal loop agreements?

In order to make our customers, on both sides of a business deal, comfortable with doing business with surplus food, we offer a standard legal agreement which, for example, can secure the condition of the batch or state what buyers / recipients are entitled to do with the products. Send us an e-mail if you want to know more!


Tell Your story in Social media?

We always want to promote the companies that actively reduces food waste with us. It strengthens both their brands, inspires other actors to start looping and together we can make an even greater difference in the entire food supply system. We use, among other things, social media to communicate in different ways. We can both promote individual batches of food as well as and successful loops and companies.

If You would like customized material, ie You select text, picture and posting date, we will send you a proposal.

If we decide what picture to use, text and time of posting, it is free and at the same time anonymized unless otherwise agreed.


Want to market and verify your loops?

We want to promote and help All our costumers who actively uses our services. If you want to tell the world that you are looping and rescuing lot's of foods you can use our label for digital communication. : "WE LOOP SURPLUS FOOD, ZERO FOOD WASTE"

Just let us know and we will send you material in the appropriate format and color!

Examples of previous loops

Exclusive Carrots

Gotland to Stockholm

100 kg uniquely shaped carrots were sold from Ryftes at Gotland to Open Café in Stockholm! A product we developed together with the farmer!


Mixed Friut

Stockholm to Stockholm

Mixed fruit was donated by Ryska Posten Skafferi  because of cosmetic eroors and surplus! Turned out as delicious smoothies, pies and give away fruit!


Coconut milk

Malmö to Stockholm

A pallet of coconut milk found it's way to Sopköket in Stockholm from a wholesaler in Malmö! Now you can find fantastic Indian dishes in Söderhallarna!


Buy, sell or donate surplus foods and lower your costs, strengthen your brand and contribute to a more sustainable food supply chain!

Join Foodloopz and get started by sending us an e-mail: