Vi är även stolta finalister i Tele2ENDUP 2018, Stockholms Innovationsstipendie 2018, Sweden Demo Day 2018 , Sparx Accelerator 2019, Återvinningsgalan 2019 och PackBridge Challenge 2019

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We love collaborations

Food waste projects and Innovation

We believe in collaborations of all kinds. This is the only way we can really make a difference in the field of food waste. Causes and processes that lead to food waste require commitment and a willingness to change in order to be reduced and also requires the efforts of several collaborating parties.

We work both long-term with Foodloopz's marketplace and in projects with different types of startups, foodtech, food and innovation as well as process development.


LRF Media, Sweden Food Tech, Tillväxtverket, Matlust, Vinnova, Atrium Ljungberg, Movebybike, Sopköket, Brasri AB, Örebro Universitet, Ryftes Grönsaker AB, Food2Change, Smaka På Stockholm, CreateX, Matologi m.f.


Many thanks to all who contribute to reduced food waste and to our journey as a start-up company! Together we make a difference!

Would You also like work for reduced food production in a project together with us?

Let us know!



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