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More about Foodloopz 

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We help companies to turn waste into a possibility

In addition to our digital marketplace, where actors can effectively trade in food and reduce high costs of losses, we are working to strengthen company brands. By telling the story of our customers' efforts, we verifie that they really contribute to reduced losses! It gives them an advantage both as an employer and as a player in the market.

Furthermore, we work with projects, concept development and processes to help our customers reduce their losses and make a difference in the evaluation process! Do you want to start a collaboration, or develop a concept? Tell us how and what you want to do!

Our vision

We will make the food industry more sustainable together with our customers - both economically and environmentally! We will make food waste available on the market at the company's terms.

We will be the obvious independent channel for surplus batches of food in the food industry, and in many ways help to reduce food waste in the supply chain.

Our costumers

Today, we have large and small customers and member companies from almost all of Sweden; - Growers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Sales Companies, Brand Owners, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Catering, Animal Holders, Service Companies, Workplaces, Charities and Nonprofit Organizations. - A wild blend of players who either want to sell, donate or take advantage of surplus and waste. Everyone is contributing to a more sustainable food chain, reducing their costs and all enhancing their sustainability profile by looping food.

Cost effective to loop great food

Foodloopz makes it efficient for businesses, organizations and the public sector to trade surpluses and food sorted out for various reasons. We work with frozen, fresh, dry foods, beverages of all kinds, meat, fish and dairy.

Selling or donating surplus batches can be costly for companies because of the often lower value and to sell or donate takes time. We want this process both to be simplified and to a lower cost. Destroying food and beverages also costs money and resources! Why not reduce costs and contribute to a more sustainable system at the same time?

Have you control over your costs for waste? Do you know what it costs to throw away food per ton?


Let us find the perfect match for you at any given time!

Logistics and warehousing

At the moment we do not take care of the logistics of our looping member companies, but in an offer on our marketplace, companies can set conditions for this.


It is part of our vision to also assist with a smooth, sustainable and cost-effective solution for our customers in terms of this and various collaborations are being processed.

Today, we collaborate with Movebybike, which can facilitate Last Mile Delivery in big cities with up to 300 kg on a bicycle and in some cities electric cars. Not bad!